I work with companies to help build Learning & Development needs, Marketing Strategies and their entire Information Architecture.

Learning & Development Professonal

Learning is a tricky area. How does someone make another person learn? In a world when the project had to be delivered yesterday. And, there are a hundred other tasks waiting to get done? I can see you rolling your eyes.

That’s where, I think, I can help. No, not in helping you roll your eyes, but in making learning, engaging and meaningful.

I started out as an L&D professional at Tata Motors in 1994. I have worked with Infosys, Idea Cellular and Dell.

I bid adieu to corporate life in 2009, and have been consulting, partly in L&D since then.

1. Designing Learning Games, both digital and physical, some of them:

– Creating awareness about HCL’s concept ‘Employees First, Customers Second’ by creating a board game around it, workbooks, posters, and e-communication content.

– Ocean-themed based game on ‘Performance Management’

– A totem-pole themed game on ‘Organizational Values’

– A cartoon-based learning book on sharing a school’s mission, vision and values.

– A treasure hunt based game on working effectively across teams.

– A league cricket-based online game on planning and prioritizing skills.

– Workbook-based game to replace conventional Employee Induction.

– Campus communications for employer branding.

– Multi-channel communications towards clarifying organizational strategy.

– E-book explaining a Pilates Studio’s offerings in a fun manner.

2. Designing and facilitating training sessions for senior leaders.

3. BOT-modeled projects to set up L&D function for client organizations.

4. L&D Communication and Branding – Design of websites, flyers, brochures and other creative collaterals.

5. Value assimilation programs

– Articulation of the organization’s values framework

– Design & delivery of workshops to disseminate & entrench organization values

6. Cultural assimilation and cross-cultural skills programs

Organizational Development

Sometimes, the solution to an organizational problem is simpler than we think. OD, to me is all about simplifying.

It’s about de-jargonizing and peeling unnecessary layers to look at what really is a causing a given problem. The problem could be the disengagement of employees, a dip in productivity, a lack of ownership, chaos post a merger, to name a few.

I have been formally trained in OD, and have worked in the following areas:

1. Succession Planning and Talent Management

– Potential Assessment and Individual Development Plans

– Career Planning

– Leadership development programs

– Key Talent Planning

– Identification of key / high-risk positions in Org Structure

– Bench Planning

2. Org Design – Consulting with new businesses to arrive at appropriate design, operating model, structure, roles and interdependencies.

3. Change Management – Building integrated programs to drive effective change management in parts of businesses undergoing any kind of change, like restructuring, a merger, change in business goals, change in team compositions and soon.

4. E-Sat

– Bi-annual roll-out of E-sat process
– Developmental / Remedial Action Planning

5. Psychometric Testing – Certified in MBTI, FIRO-b and Belbin Team Roles.

6. 360 Degrees Process Management

7. OD Tools / Processes

– Development Centers

– Development Panels / Interviews

– Psychometrics & Simulation exercises

8. Mentoring – Creating Mentoring programs and putting driving metrics in place.

9. Coaching – Designing org-wide scorecard based coaching programs.


How do I get those eyeballs?! Does this question bother you? Simple. Just contact me. No, I am not offering to pluck out eyeballs of strangers and handing them to you. That would take too much time and effort. Okay, just kidding!

I mean, getting the desired eyeballs to your website or social media pages. Yes, digital marketing today is all about differentiating your content.

Composing gripping reads. Packing in some punch. Using humour. Offering variety. It takes a certain kind of sensibilities to create effective marketing content, and I believe, I have those.

I have developed website and social media content for three start-ups, which includes articles, blog posts, cartoon-based series, videos, memes, contests, e-flyers, and newsletters.