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Here are few articles published by Rachna Singh on DH

Throw pillows & the catch

Did you know Baba Ramdev has a face cream that can help you get rid of both ‘pimpals’ and ‘rinkals’? Little confused. At what age would one have pimples and wrinkles at the same time? Beats me. (Click the picture above to read more...)

Indeed, a part to play

Life came a full circle when last year, my son bagged a pivotal role in a school play called Circle of Life — he was a tree. (Click the picture above to read more...)

Freedom struggle flashpoint

Every year, I approach Independence Day with a great deal of respect and fear. Respect, for our brave freedom fighters. And fear, at the thought of having to dress up my kids as ‘freedom fighters’, as per the standard I-Day celebration protocol in residential communities. One August 15 morning, I ask my children, “So which freedom fighter do you want to be?” I decide to be democratic in the true spirit of the nation. “Sonia Gandhi!” “Ben Ten!” (Click the picture above to read more...)

Problems by a strand

When God created man, he intended everyone to live peacefully. He tried to ensure people stayed out of each other’s hair by telling them to be nice to each other, not covet wives or steal asses of neighbours. I guess that worked for some time. We danced in the garden of life with childlike abandon. Till Lily noticed that Shirlie’s butt was perkier. (Click the picture above to read more...)

Death by school work

If you have kids, it is understood their school projects are your projects. From CEOs to clerks, all are afflicted with school projects if they are afflicted with kids. And whatever you do, you can never beat other parents whose projects will always be better than yours. When you are bent over, personally licking foliage on to a mini cardboard hut, your little one will inform you: (Click the picture above to read more...)

Here are the Holi truths

Every year, I plan (and hope) that I will be the chunar-waali during Holi. I dream of a white salwar kameez, a long, jasmine-adorned plait and a delicate dupatta tucked round my slender waist. But, year after year, my diet plans fail. And, I have no option but to be Sanjeev Kumar. Or the dholak he plays. (Click the picture above to read more...)

Examination mummies

They are loaded with water bottles, pills, towels and food to feed a small refugee colony.

Dadabhai Naoroji is asking me to solve quadratic equations. Lord Curzon brandishes his sword, threatening me, but Portia reminds him that the ‘quality of mercy is not strained’. I feel like a stone tied to a string being rotated in a circular speed. I pass out before I can figure out the structural formula of ethanoic acid. Yes, it’s board exam time. And, I am a mother. (Click the picture above to read more...)

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